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A short erotic story about self-pleasure and egoism.

Woman in a white top lying in the sunshine on a yellow blanket, touching herself.
I felt a warm buzz fill my entire body and the tingling swooshed in my ears.

You might not know this, but I actually write short erotic stories for pleasepinchmehard in the spare time I get and am currently working on a book. Here is an entire story for you to get a taste of my style. It is also for all my loyal Instagram followers who I have been teasing with excerpts.

Here it is, come as you please (pun intended).

SEXY SUNSCREEN: empowerment & egoism

My sunscreen smelt incredible. A light breeze wafted through the open window and i sat up a little to catch a glimpse of the sea between the rolling hills. I love the smell of sunscreen. And the smell of summer. My skin felt prickly hot with sweat as a glint of light shone on my bare tummy.

Self-love. My next quest. After immersing in the tireless subject of hate, disappointment, guilt, self-loathing and questioning my life in so many ways, I had decided to embark on a journey of self-love.

Happiness, acceptance, joy and strength were the words I had chosen to embrace when confronted with my fears and anxiety.

But right now, right here, with the soothing swoosh of the sea, all demons in me seemed at rest.

As the tranquility swept over me I closed my eyes and allowed myself to relax; something I rarely did.

And suddenly something divine washed over me. My body felt light, the room larger than it was and several weights lifted off of me.

Be in the moment. Be in the present.

My nipples were hard beneath my plain vest; some might call it boring even. But suddenly it didn’t matter. My body was so alive that I stripped off my clothes in order to embrace my nudity in the beauty of my surroundings. It felt as if my body had melted into the scenery: it was indeed beautiful.

My head was empty; the chaos of the city banned from my thoughts. And so, from this place of purity and the divine smell of sunscreen I allowed, if you will, my hands to explore my body; a place so unfamiliar that I had yet to discover all of its potential.

I started slowly; it was as if I were putting together an IKEA cupboard without instructions. I had to figure out what each piece was for before I could put it all together. My breasts felt incredible. Breasts that until now had been solely a part of my body that required covering suddenly made my stomach muscles tense. My nipples that betrayed and embarrassed me on cold days suddenly made me shudder with delight. I’d never cared much for my breasts but suddenly they were like the wondrous tumbling hills outside; full of mystery and intrigue as every time my fingers brushed over them I breathed in sharply; lost in the moment and resisting all control.

I kissed and licked each of my fingers, then trailed them down my stomach and back up, tracing behind my ears and over my cheeks. I wet my fingers a little more, eager to go further. Until now all acts of self-exploration hadn’t been nearly as thrilling as this. I had no focus or plan, no step by step as to how it would work; this made my head giddy with lust.

Goosebumps spread over me. My stomach felt warm and soft; so often shunned for not being conform to society’s expectation it was more perfect than I had ever given it credit.

The sweat tasted salty and I pictured somebody licking up my entire stomach and kissing me; hair possibly wet from the ocean and a salty layer on their skin too.

Briefly I remembered my boyfriend was getting a drink out in the bar but even he couldn’t hold my attention as much as this new found love for my body.

As my hands reached my vagina I hesitated. This place, this supposed shrine, great thing, desirable part of my body had until now been a functional area that would partake in activities of sexual nature with partners but had never been more. And yet there I was; lying naked in the sun like a goddess, tentatively dipping a finger in to this bristly temple of love (as glorified as that may sound and my goodness I would blush saying it out loud but in this situation it felt right!) and gasping at how incredible and empowered it made me feel.

Within a few minutes I had found my clit. Not that I didn’t know where it was, but this was like pushing the blast off button of a space rocket! I needed lube! Grappling in the draw I retrieved it and squirted it, a little too strongly, on my hand. Oops. It was everywhere. I decided to go with it. I must have looked like the fish they lay out on the buffet each night slathered in oil!

The tingling started in my toes as I circled my clit with three fingers. My other hand reached for my breasts. Slowly I felt a warm buzz fill my entire body and the tingling swooshed in my ears.

I was so in trance I didn’t hear the door open and upon opening my eyes realised my boyfriend was standing infront of me, a serious boner in his pants.

„I’m busy“, I mumbled, not wanting to break this spell. I reached out quickly, pulled down his trousers and rubbed some of the lube on his rock hard erection. „You’ll have to do it yourself.“

He laughed shortly and replied, „Wow- I like this new you.“

He didn’t take long and exploded over my glistening body.

„I’m not done,“ I smiled, feeling ridiculously cocky and self-secure. I think I surprised myself more than him.

„Don’t let me stop you“, he smirked.

Using my free hand I dipped my fingers in my vagina and rubbed my clit at the same time. Never had I orgasmed like this; completely in control, entirely vulnerable and on show but so empowered that feminism had nothing on me! With him standing infront of me I felt more aroused than ever before.

My body, in my hands, being filled with pleasure.

I exploded in orgasm. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and everything went blank. I lay still as the swooshing of the sea echoed the waves of pleasure slowly subsiding over my body.

When I finally opened my eyes he passed me a cocktail.

„So? How was it?“ he asked.

Looking down at my body covered in sunscreen, lube, come and sweat I took a long sip of the icy cold cocktail and smiled: „I feel alive.“

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